Less Misinformation, Better Internet_

We leverage both AI and Human Expertise to allow everyone to check facts, understand News sources and content, empower truth and consolidate responsible Brands and Media in the MENA region.

As of March 2020, we're launching the COVID-19 Disinformation Prevention Initiative to detect, flag and debunk harmful content and false information amisdt this crisis.

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Continuously Defusing Misinformation_

We leverage technology to build products that empowers trust and truth seekers. We contribute to the fight against misinformation, deliberate disinformation, fake news and hate speech.

AI and NLP

Our technology is powered by the Natural Language Processing subset of Machine Learning to understand and analyze contextual intent.


We adopt a scientific approach to streamline our understanding, mainly of Arabic and its varieties, French & English.

Community powered

We rely heavily on a community of "Defusers" ranging from Journalists, Researchers, Aware citizens and Civil Society activists.

Restoring Trust

Fake news travels 30x faster than the rest of online content. Misinformation turns into funded and organized Disinformation. Fact Checking is becoming harder for Social Media users, journalists and other professionals. Brands and Advertisers spending more time and effort to keep ads off dubious sites and domains. It is time to restore trust!

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Unboxing Defusor_

Ontop of our AI, We are building 4 products, a Browser Extension, an Online Scanner and a classified sources listing API.

Browser Extension

Identify how News outlets and sources perform in term of credibility by viewing their ranking in the browser.

Online Content Checker

An online tool to scan and analyze articles to check their reliability and trustworthiness.

Facebook Feed Curator

Get a better social media experience by limiting the exposure to fake news, hate speech and disinformation.

Listing API

Allow Brands and advertisers to curate their publishers list by excluding flagged domains.

Content Checking

We're working on an Online Content Checking system that extracts News articles and run multiple analysis to detect bias, propaganda cues, hate and radical speech, racism and exageration.

Media Sources Rating

We use credibility and transparency standards to rate News sources. We provide you with a browser extension that allows you get an insight on the reliability of a source and how those ratings were attributed.

Facebook Feed Curator

Get an insight on toxic profiles and get allowed to flag and prevent deliberate misinformed content from gaining reach and spreading across the platform.

Listing API

Brands, Advertising platforms and Digital Marketing agencies get to curate their publishers segments by integrating our flagged domains list to deliver Ads without associating their image with harmful content.


Building our AI technology requires considerable amount of time, effort and funding. However, our most precious asset is your contribution. By joining our experiments, you will be laying the foundations of Defusor with us!

Ongoing Experiment

COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis

Worldwide, Spring 2020

Past Experiments

Presidential Elections

Tunisia, September 2019

Legislative Elections

Tunisia, October 2019

Syrian Unrest

Northwestern Offensive, 2019.